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Hi there,

I’m taking part in the brand-new Local Landmarks 10k, where I’ll be plotting and running my own 10k route on Sunday 20 February 2022. I’m super excited about this challenge and really appreciate everyone’s support.

If you’d like to join me you can sign up by clicking the Enter Now button. 


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Nilay Patel

Well done Hardik! You making us all proud.


Supal, Mum And Dad

Run Forest Run!


Manisha Gosai

Good luck Hardik from the Gosai family!



Good luck from the Patel family!


Archna Bhabi

Good luck :)


Krunal Patel

Good luck


Anisha Patel

Good luck! Xxx


Dilip Patel

Good Luck


Thakor Patel

Good luck Hardik Thakorfuwa