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Landmarks 10K

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The Local Landmarks 10K (LCL10K) is back for 2023. The LCL10K a virtual event, brought to you by the award-winning London Landmarks Half Marathon team and baby charity Tommy’s.

On Sunday 19 February 2023 the LCL10K will bring together people from across the globe to take on the challenge of running 10K locally, celebrating their local landmarks in their area and raising vital funds for charity.

LLHM Landmark Runners


All participants will receive a fantastic, specially designed, collectible LCL10K medal to mark their incredible achievement. Make sure you don’t miss out in the first of this series and sign-up today.

By Charity for Charity

The LCL10K is organised by baby charity Tommy’s and proudly puts charity at the heart of the event with all proceeds going to Tommy's, to help save babies' lives.

Interactive Challenges

Boost your training by taking part in fun, interactive virtual challenges. Earn badges and unlock new achievements.

The Perfect Training Milestone

The LCL10K is also the perfect training milestone for everyone taking part in LLHM 2023. Falling at the perfect mid-point during your training programme, the LCL10K is a fantastic way to stay on-top of your goals, earn a funky new medal, boost your fundraising and show all friends and family how dedicated you are.

Even if you don’t have a place in LLHM 2023 you can get involved in the LCL10K and take your first steps into the incredible world of running for a cause. The event is open to all, so don’t miss out and sign up today.